We're currently level 25,
Mogu'shan Vaults 6/6 (N) 5/6 (HC)
Heart or Fear 6/6 (N) 1/6 (HC)
Terrace of the Endless Spring 4/4
Throne of Thunder 12/12 (N) 7/13(HC)
Siege of Orgrimmar  14/14 (N) 9/14(HC)

We only raid nine hours a week but make the most of this time with efficient progressive raids.
Our raid times are Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, 20.30 - 23.30 server time. 

All applicants must have a friendly mature attitude, and have good raid experience. We want people who know their class inside out and make the effort to contribute fully to each raid (maximising their dps/healing, reading all tactics, having the best gear and enchants possible etc).
Socials are welcome aswell.

Thunder King down

Anubisxx a posted May 1, 13
Good job, had to take one extra attempt, but it was worth it.

(the boss is that piece of meat, thanks to Pash)

Madness HC down!

Pashuul a posted Aug 1, 12
Really amazing job guys, wicked teamwork and props to shape for tanking it!

Now to get everyone in the guild the mount and get raggy hc down hopefully :D

Awsome week it was guys imba teamwork and focus to get the clear done in Dragonsoul, and a fast clear in Firelands to get our lovely Mage his staff!
 (and the cute guild pet!)
Jeej Guild!
ps. Saco we still wanna see the movie you all crying and emotional about the staff ^^




Beth´tilac down 6/7

Trumfux posted Nov 10, 11
Best job ever Guys
Gratz to all the guild

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